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Our mission : To deliver to our clients the desired product, meeting all stipulated quality standards, as per agreed price and respecting the agreed delivery term


From custom made products to on stock personalized items.

Why choose us ?

Our 10 most
important strengths.

The way we work

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B&O International Connections NV was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1995 by Bart Gekiere & Olivier Verstraete.



Working with us gives you direct access to an enormous database of suppliers who maintain a continuous stock of items available and which can be branded with your logo in a record time.

There are 2 options for you to select from

Online Catalogues

By selecting Online Catalogues (hyperlink naar Online Catalogues ) in the main menu, you have direct access to the   complete product assortment of some of our preferred suppliers. Browse and be inspired  for new ideas !

Online Product Search

By selecting Online product search (hyperlink naar Product Search), our search engine will assist you in selecting products by various criteria such as price, colour, available quantity, etc. Please note all given prices are a rough estimation. For a detailed price offer according to your specifications, feel free to contact us.

01 Libelle - Lipstick
01 Martini Fiero Snowboard
Het Belang van Limburg - Keychain
Walkorn - Valentijn Dish
M&M Powerbank
BOB Sleutelhanger
Gamma Sportbag
Kiwifruit Shoppingbag
Zespri Kiwifruit -Travel Mug


If you cannot associate a standard product with your marketing campaign, we can develop totally new OEM products that meet all your specific needs and help you with choosing all the right material, colours, size,  and other specifications.  Do not hesitate to send us an email or give u a call, and we will handle your inquiry with highest priority!

Why choose us ?


With over 20 years of experience, we are a reliable preferred supplier of a constantly growing number of customers.

Best Quality

Besides only buying directly from manufacturers, we also compare multiple price offers, in order to guarantee the best quality at the lowest prices in the market !

Piece of Mind

Peace of mind: all goods produced in China are inspected by our own QC inspection team ensuring the requested quality. Nothing is left to chance.

Every product request

We have an unlimited range of products. Basically we can handle EVERY product request . OEM products are a daily routine for us, but, of course, we can also deliver standard products (with or without personalization).

Proactivity & Creativity

Besides handling regular inquiries, we search the right product in function of your promotional campaign or event.
This allows you to save time & money. We offer our clients the all-in package, from start to finish, and give advice on material, packing, look and all other product aspects. This also includes designing of your own floor or shelf display together with our suppliers.

Best Quality

From the first step to the final delivery, one contact person will be assisting you. Easy communication and no waste of time. If necessary, we are at your disposal 24/7. At every stage of a project, we offer maximum flexibility if needed (eg sending urgent quotes, making necessary amendments, etc .. even on weekends!).


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Respecting the agreed delivery dates is our absolute priority . We choose our suppliers & international forwarders in function of your delivery needs .  Even for last minute urgent inquiries (delivery within a few days), we can offer very economical solutions. If necessary, we can even arrange speed deliveries

The way we work

  • - Handling & Delivery

    Upon arrival, we handle all customs declaration and if applicable perform the necessary handling according to your warehouse requirements before arranging the delivery.
  • - Shipping

    Because we work with our trusted experienced forwarding agents, we are able to ship out goods anywhere in the world according to your wishes. Furthermore, we offer the most economical solution by constantly comparing prices for sea, road and rail freight.
  • - Quality control

    After production is finished, our third party inspectors will perform an extensive inspection of your whole production according to the strict AQL norms before goods can be shipped.
  • - Production

    When the sample has been approved, we will start the mass production of your product. Our team follows up the production with our suppliers on a daily basis  (including DUPRO inspections).
  • - Sample

    After the order is placed, a physical sample according to your requirements will be made for your approval. By doing so, we make sure that you actually get what you ordered.
  • - Screening & Negotiating

    Each of our suppliers is thoroughly screened by our team to ensure that they comply with necessary standards. After screening, we start our negotiating phase where we compare prices of at least 30 suppliers for each inquiry. This allows us to offer the best price and quality on the market.
  • - Briefing

    Based on a briefing, we provide you with some fun innovative ideas taking into account your available budget and target group. By browsing the market, we are up to date on all the newest trends in product media.


Hong Kong B&O International Connections

The early days…

B&O International Connections NV was established in 1995 by its current managing directors Bart Gekiere and Olivier Verstraete.

Thanks to their years of professional activities abroad, mainly in Asia, just after they finished university, the founders gradually built a unique and broad international network of suppliers and other key contacts. The massive experience and product knowledge gained during the years working as quality control inspectors in Chinese factories for European customers, contributed to the successful start of the company in 1995.

With the establishment of the company B&O International Connections NV, its founding partners aimed to open up their diverse network to companies and organisations in search of specific product needs. As such, the latter were given the opportunity to purchase a wide range of products without any risk and at the best price in the market !.

Today the ever growing database of B&O International Connections NV contains approximately 15,000 factories and suppliers in all kind of fields, resulting B&O International Connections to be a One-Stop-B2B Shop !

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